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Educational degree and name of study: 
MSc in Biomedical Engineering, BSc in Biosciences (Microbiology)
Previous experiences and role: 
Laboratory technitian, Research fellow, Research trainee
Knowledge skills: 
- Preparation and analysis of materials for detection of asbestos by transmission electron microscopy; - Laboratory culture of primary, tumoral and stable cell lines and determination of cell viability (MTT and resazurin assay); - In vitro screening of compounds against luciferase-expressing Leishmania infantum parasites; - In vivo experimentation (mouse model): administration of compounds (intravenous and oral), blood collection and humane endpoints; - Expression, production and purification of recombinant proteins in Escherichia coli; enzymatic assays; - Bioreactor operations: production of natural polymers by cultivation of Enterobacter in bioreactors using the byproducts of industries as carbon source. Scale-up of the previous process. - Development, preparation and purification of polymers; - Surface modification and characterization of polymers; - Development of polymeric loaded nanoparticles; - Characterization of polymeric materials: contact angle measurement (sessile drop and captive air bubble), swelling behaviour, XPS, FT-IR, DMA and viscosity; - Extraction, purification and quantification of cell and tissue RNA; - Analysis of integrity and stability of siRNA by HPLC; - Evaluation of hemocompatibility of materials; - Usage of lab equipments: pHmeter, vortexer, weighing scale, incubator, oven, water bath, laminar flow hood, autoclave, centrifuge, microscope (phase contrast and fluorescence), Nanodrop. - Management and preparation of reagents, solutions and standards; - Development, preparation and optimization of experimental protocols.
Language skills: 
Portuguese, English (Advanced), Spanish (Intermediary), French (Basic)
Desired position: 
Research and development
Preferred country of employment: