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Educational degree and name of study: 
Degree in pharmacy + degree in human nutrition and dietetics
Previous experiences and role: 
Pharmacist Nutritionist Technician of Food Policy Nutrition and Health in Agrifood Industry
Knowledge skills: 
Throughout my professional experience in pharmacy offices I have developed several skills: - Customer service, advice and sales - Elaboration of masterful formulas - Orders management - Advice on nutritional plans for weight loss Main tasks developed in the agrifood industry sector: - Advice, dissemination and information to associations and companies in the food and beverage sector
Language skills: 
English: intermediate-high level – Trinity courses from level 8 to 12 Ireland Periods abroad: summer courses in Ireland and England for 4 years Italian: intermediate-high level Period abroad: Academic year 2012-2013 in Italy
Desired position: 
I am an active person, easy to interact with people and open to new experiences. I'm used to working in a team with people of different nationalities and cultures, both in training issues and events of recreational and cultural. High adaptability and experience developing in new environments
Preferred country of employment: 
Spain, Europe