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Educational degree and name of study: 
Knowledge of the Fruits and Vegetables Sector. Family business Specialist MBA Logistics and Transport PMI Certified Project Manager Senior engineer
Previous experiences and role: 
- Responsible of Plans Development, Processes and Activities - Responsible of Fruits and Vegetables Procurement and Supply - Previous experiences and role Estimate fruit and vegetables supply in the Central Market and Plan Purchases for later wholesale - Teamwork for the development of Activities, Processes and Projects that allow meeting the needs of the client, the market and the company - Collaboration in Working Group with Logistop and FooDSTA - The positions held have been Responsible, Project Manager and Contributor
Knowledge skills: 
Flair to appreciate the quality of fruits and vegetables, their maturity and duration Open minded, critical awareness and special skills to provide solutions due to my extensive training as a Senior Engineer, Project Manager (PMI certified) and MBA, Specialty Logistics and Transport (currently performing the Master's End Project) Development of processes to get things well done, with the collaboration of the team, as well as respect, dynamism and involvement
Language skills: 
English: B2 level. I can speak, read and understand writings related to work without difficulties German: A2 level, colloquial language Spanish: mother tongue
Desired position: 
Head of Processes and/or Projects
Preferred country of employment: 
Spain, Europe