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Caroline Blum
Brucknerstraße 2
1040 Vienna
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The pure conversion of already known products in organic quality is too little for our customers. Its activities encompass the interdisciplinary development of organic food across all product ranges. That is, your innovation spirit is in every way required - from breakfast cereals to sweets to unprecedented creations. To look beyond the box and to develop products from the production process, the existing biogas or the current consumer needs is therefore on the agenda. They engage in production processes, work closely with the suppliers, and thus also penetrate previously unknown areas in order to permanently challenge the status quo. You do not follow any nutritional trends - you put them!

Depending on the seniority, our customer pays an annual gross salary of EUR 35,000. It goes without saying that the salary will be adjusted accordingly for candidates with extensive expertise.

Required Knowledge: 

Bio is for you not just a word but a life setting. You combine this with a training as a food technologist, entrepreneurial flair, as well as in-depth knowledge of how production processes are running, organized, controlled and calculated. Ideally, you will also be able to take advantage of the negotiating skills and the communication and enforcement skills of an excellent buyer. If you are concerned about quality awareness, careful handling of resources, as well as the common good of people, animals and the environment, you are exactly the right person for our customer.

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Our customer is one of the absolute top players in the organic production area of Austria and / or Europe. Embedded in a group structure with several thousand employees, the company produces organic food of the highest quality. Due to the strong growth, the new product development team will be expanded by several positions (both junior and senior level).

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