This website has been discontinued – last update by February 2021
Educational degree and name of study: 
PhD in nutrition and food technology
Previous experiences and role: 
a member in EFFoST a member in ISEKI a member in GHI
Knowledge skills: 
Food Technology, food microbiology, dairy technology, food product development, food safety and hygiene, functional food, food enzymology, nutritional biochemistry, nutritional assessment, nutrition care process (NCP), human nutrition, probiotics, Dietetics, EHSHA ...etc
Language skills: 
English professional Arabic professional
Desired position: 
Academic Staff, Postdoc, research institutions, research partner, research and development, administration work of food institutions, ...etc
Preferred country of employment: 
European countries including UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, France, Netherland, Norway, Italy, ...etc. and USA