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Research institution
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Claudia Nunes dos Santos
- Lissabon
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One full-time ERC funded position with a competitive salary in Molecular Nutrition and Cellular Neurosciences,
initially for 6 months, renewable up to the end of the project is available for a highly motivated post-doc to join
our multidisciplinary team. Selection will begin now until end of March to start in mid-April 2019 but will
continue until the right post- doc is found.

To apply, send your CV, a motivation letter and the name of 3 referees, to

Project summary
Cláudia Nunes dos Santos laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying the protective action of
nutrients/bioactives and their derivatives on health and disease. Our approaches include mechanistic
studies using model organisms and cellular models as well as rodent and human intervention and clinical studies.
We are seeking a highly talented and motivated postdoc to work on the ERC project LIMBo- Zooming the link
between diet and brain health: how phenolic metabolites modulate brain

CEDOC Institution
CEDOC is a new research center of NOVA Medical School with an international reputation on cutting edge
research in Biomedical research, with focus in mechanisms of ageing and chronic diseases and is committed to
training the next generation of research scientists. The Nunes dos Santos lab is involved in several national and
international projects that cover from basic research to translational and nutrition research.
CEDOC is located in the historical center of Lisbon. Lisbon has a large scientific community doing top level
science and provides affordable living conditions in a very safe and well-connected European capital.

Required Knowledge: 

• PhD in Life Sciences (Nutrition, Biochemistry, Neurobiology, Cell Biology, or other relevant areas)
• Knowledge in Molecular Nutrition and Neuroscience areas, particularly in neuroinflammation
mechanisms (preferential)
• Strong publication record
• Experience in rodent models (preferential) and with certification for handling animals desirable
• Hands-on experience with fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and cell culture;
• Excellent knowledge of English

Additional information: 

Project description
Currently a big concern of our aging society is to efficiently delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, which
are progressively rising in incidence. The paradigm that a diet rich in the phenolics, prevalent e.g. in fruits, is
beneficial to brain health has reached the public. However, their mechanistic actions in brain functions remain
to be seen, particularly since the nature of those acting in the brain remains overlooked. LIMBo wish to address
this gap by identifying candidate compounds that can support development of effective strategies to delay

Specifically, LIMBo will be analysing the potential of dietary phenolics in both prevention and treatment (i.e
delay) of neuroinflammation – key process shared in neurodegenerative diseases. To break down the current
indeterminate status of “cause vs effect”, we will be focused on metabolites derived from dietary phenolics that
reach the brain. Their effects in both established and unknown response pathways of microglia cells - the innate
immune cells of the central nervous system, either alone or when communicating with other brain cells will be
investigated. Ultimately, to attain an integrated view of their effects it will establish nutrition trials in mice.

Key responsibilities:
• Developing specific research activities under guidance from Group Leader;
• Reporting and presenting work at MNH and eventually at national and/or international meetings;
• Sharing knowledge and expertise;
• Providing contribution to the production of research papers for publication;
• Improving established protocols and/or developing new protocols.

Expiration date: 
Sunday, 31. March 2019
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