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Educational degree and name of study: 
I have completed my master of Philosophy degree in year 2000 in the area of Food Science and Technology. I have completed my Ph.D. degree on 2016 in Food science and Technology. I have several experiences in innovation and quality assurance of value added products using aquatic Resources.
Previous experiences and role: 
I am a deserving applicant for this position which i have 17+yrs carrier as a Research Officer and then 12 years carrier as Senior Scientist in the Department of Post harvest Technology at National Aquatic Resource Research and Development Agency in Sri Lanka, I have fully demonstrated similar roles and responsibilities to achieve results and fulfill requirements in your advertisement by working under Ministry of fisheries in Sri Lanka. I also conducted several fish handling, safety and research and product development projects team member and Principle investigator collaborate with various International funding agencies (UNDP) and local government grants.
Knowledge skills: 
I have skills in electronic microscopy scanning, rheology and texture measurement of texture analyzer of developed products such as biscuits sausages, jam and jelly. In addition to sensory Profiling and consumer studies, project database management, statically analysis of data, report writing/documentation. This research work lead to several national and International research paper publications in journals and extended abstracts of conference proceedings and technical papers, articles and making video scripts related to food science and technology.
Language skills: 
English, Sinhala
Desired position: 
Application for the postdoctoral Research Assistant in Food Science
Preferred country of employment: 
United Kingdom