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The winning team of the FoodFactory-Us 2020/2021 on Valorizing Food Biodiversity:

Team FAM

with their project

"Reverse & diverse. Reverse food waste to probiotic food, improve health and diverse diet in Nigeria"

From October 2020 to February 2021, 9 student teams have been participating in an innovative, learner-centric environment based on active, action-oriented learning to develop a project including a specific objective/target, the design and development of a solution exploitable at the industry level and with the main aim of contributing to innovation in sustainable food systems as well as quality and safety of foods. The 2020 Food Factory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition aimed to answer the following question: 

How can food biodiversity in your country be valorized? 


If you missed the Final Conference, you can watch the recording here. 


The competition aims to improve students' practical ability in identifying and solving real problems in sustainable food production / processing and uses action-oriented and participatory learning to train students to work together on skills that are essential for today’s job market. These competitions are one of the case studies of the NextFOOD project which researches innovative education for sustainable agriculture. By participating in this competition you are also participating in a research project on education.

The ISEKI-Food Association, through its affiliate European FooD-STA and under the umbrella of the FoodFactory-4-Us competitions is organizing this third “Sustainable Supply Chain” competition. You may read about the "Sustainable Cereals" competition and previous FoodFactory-4-Us competitions here