For Team Applications: Overall, all assessors are instructed to treat the information provided through the applications with the required confidentiality. Please indicate in your registration/application whether your project might include specific IP which your team would like to see treated with special care. On the registration form, you can select:

  • NO, if your project does not include special IP which needs additional measures for ensuring confidentiality.
  • YES, if your project includes special IP which needs additional measures for ensuring confidentiality.
By selecting "NO", you confirm that no information on specific IP requiring protection is provided with your application.
By selecting "YES", the organisers of this competition will develop a specific plan to protect you and your project.

For Team Projects: The assessors of the project evaluation board will be asked to sign a specific NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) document (click here to see "NDA template") to give additional proof of confidentiality. If for any reason the provided template is not extensive enough for your case, please provide a suitable NDA with your application/registration for review and signature by the assessors. Please bear in mind that any NDA still msut allow for proper assessment of your project in the frame of this competition.

For any additional problem related to IP, please contact

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