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To request the complete information of one candidate, please send an email to including the identification title of the
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Title Edu. degree / name of study Desired position Preferred country of employment
Job application #1080 PhD in Nutrition and Food Technology MSc. in nutrition and food science BSc. in food technology Postdoc, assistant professor, researcher, food technologist, US, Canada, Uk, Germany, France, other Europe countries
Job application #1077 M.Sc. Organic Agriculture and Food Systems, M.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology Quality, Lab, Production Anywhere in Europe, USA, Canada and Austrailia
Job application #1076 MSc. Biological Engineering Research and Innovation, R&D, Product development Portugal
Job application #1043 BSc in Food engineering Food Sector Portugal
Job application #1042 Food technology food scientist canada,germany,UK ,USA
Job application #1041 master's degree in food engineering Food Safety Technician; Quality Food Technician; Food Engineer Portugal
Job application #1036 Msc. Food Engineering food sector, inovation, product development Portugal
Job application #1030 MSc. Food Engeneering Food Industry Portugal
Job application #1029 MSc Food Science and Nutrition Senior Scientist or Technologist in Research and Development Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Holland
Job application #1027 Licenciatura em Ciências da Nutrição Nutricionista, Técnica da qualidade Portugal